3188A Android digital signage advertising Motherboard

3188A integrated multimedia decoding, LCD driver, Ethernet, HDMI, WIFI, 3G, Bluetooth, camera in one, support most of the current popular video and picture format decoding, support HDMI / VGA video output, dual 8-bit LVDS Drive, can drive a variety of TFT LCD display, greatly simplifies the whole system design, SD card and lock with SIM card holder, more stable, this product is ideal for high-definition network advertising player, high-definition network advertising and the Interactive multimedia device.

  • Highly integrated. Integrated USB / LVDS / Ethernet / HDMI / WIFI / Bluetooth in one, simplifying the machine design, plug SD card.
  • Built-in PCI-E 3G module. Support Huawei, ZTE and other PCI-E 3G module, more suitable for advertising one machine remote maintenance, saving labor costs.
  • Rich interface 3. Six USB ports (three pins, three standard USB ports), three expandable serial ports, GPIO / ADC interface, to meet the requirements of a variety of peripherals on the market.
  • High definition. Maximum support 1080P decoding and a variety of LVDS signal LCD display.
  • full functioning. Support vertical and horizontal screen playback, video split screen, rolling subtitles, timer switch, USB data import and other functions.
  • Easy to manage: user-friendly playlist production software, easy to ad playback management and control. Play the log, easy to understand the playback situation.