3188X Quad-core Motherboard

Using RK3188 quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 architecture CPU, clocked at 1.8G, equipped with Android4.4 system, standard 1GB DDR3 and 8GB INAND. Support single 6 / single 8 / double 6 / double 8-bit LVDS display, up to 1080P resolution and dynamic configuration LCD parameters, can directly drive 7-inch to 60-inch LCD, while supporting the mainstream of the market more than 40 4-port USB interface and 2 UART expansion ports, can support the commonly used expansion equipment (such as the second generation card / NFC / RFID reader, fingerprint module), can almost meet the different Customer needs; motherboard integrated Ethernet / WiFi / 3G network / 4G network in one, support remote timer switch, 24 hours unattended automatic operation

Application Areas

1.Business Display: building advertising, retail shopping malls, bus advertising, government information release.
2.Intelligent equipment: vending machines, 020 equipment, query printers and so on.
3.Education: campus recording and broadcasting, electronic whiteboard, video live, video conferencing and so on.
4.Internet of Things: smart home appliances, wisdom of the community, the wisdom of the campus, the wisdom of buildings and so on.