3288B Digital Signboards Self-help Terminal Android Motherboard

  • 3.5-inch standard board type, designed for self-service terminal design, integrated LVDS / HDMI OUT / EDP / MIPI IN / MIPI OUT / HDMI IN and other functions, ultra-thin design.
  • Built-in PCI-E 3G module. Support Huawei, ZTE, Long Shang and other PCI-E 3G / 4G module, support the Internet and call.
  • Rich expansion interface. 7 USB ports (5 pins, 2 standard USB ports), 6 expandable serial ports (2 TTL, 4 RS232), 10 GPIO and ADC connectors to meet the requirements of various peripherals on the market.
  • High definition. Maximum support 3840×2160 4K decoding and a variety of LVDS / eDP interface such as LCD display, cut screen.
  • Support Android system customization, provide system call interface API reference code, perfect support for customer application application APP development.
  • Perfect support for infrared, optics, capacitors, resistors, touch film and other mainstream touch screen, support for HEX-free touch screen configuration, no debugging.