3288C Digital Signboards Self-service Terminal Motherboard

Based on Rockchip3288 platform, onboard 16bit * 4pcs DDR3L memory, maximum support 4GB; onboard eMMC5.1 storage, support HDMI and VGA display independent dual display, support HDMI IN function, comes with 100M network port, 6 USB2.0 interface , Support WIFI and Msata devices, support the regular boot and other functions. Can support 4K (3840 * 2160) ultra-high-definition display, high-quality resolution images and ultra-high-definition video playback. With the economic development and social progress, OPS interface embedded board is ideal for whiteboard, as an important part of the realization of intelligent classroom

  • Highly integrated. Integrated USB / Ethernet / HDMI / WIFI / Bluetooth / 3G in one, simplifying the machine design, can be inserted TF card.
  • Built-in Mini PCI-E socket. Support Huawei, ZTE and other Mini PCI-E 3 / 4G module, more suitable for remote maintenance of end products, saving labor costs
  • Rich expansion interface .6 USB ports (3 standard USB ports, 3 in the OPS slot), to meet a variety of external market, USB peripherals requirements
  • High definition. Maximum support 3840×2160 decoding and LCD display
  • full functioning. Support vertical and horizontal screen playback, video split screen, rolling subtitles, timer switch, USB data import and other functions
  • Easy to manage: user-friendly playlist production software, easy to ad playback management and control. Play the log, easy to understand the playback situation