A20S Digital Signage Advertising Machine Android Motherboard

◆ Support LVDS,VGA,HDMI,TV OUT multiple output.
◆ Dynamically configure LCD parameters,easily realizing support for LCD from 7 inch to 60 inch.
◆ Support time setting
◆ Support silent update.
◆ 2 USB output,able to extend 100 types 3G dongles,40 types USB touch panels,USB flash disk,mobile hard disk drive.
◆ Realize support for mainstream 40 types of infrared,optics,sound wave,resistive, capacitive touch panel etc. in the market.
◆ 6W power amplifier,realizing support for whole all-in-one player.
◆ 4 USB interfaces,3 UART serial ports,realizing complete support for external extended devices.
◆ Provide complete external devices with specified test documents and test DEMO program,reducing devotion of application development.
◆ Unique ID for each device,ensuring absolute control of server for device.
◆ Integrate AV IN output,realizing remote monitoring of extended application.
◆ Easily realize 0 degree,90 degree,180 degree and 270 degree omni-directional video and interface switching.
◆ Add SATA port,realizing bulk-storage memory.