A20W Advertising All-in-One PC Machine Motherboard

◆ High Definition. Maximum supporting 1080P decoding and variable LCD screens with LVDS signal.
◆ Support remote, SD card/TF card, PC etc variety of upgrade mode
◆ SD card/TF card configure screen parameter,plug and bright, perfect support each size and each resolution LVDS display screen.
◆ Perfect support industry mainstream publish software,industry application software,install and play.
◆ Perfect support infrared, optics, capacitance, resistance and other mainstream touch screen, support free driver HID configuration touch screen,no need debug
◆ Perfect support industry mainstream USB/Serial Port devices,printer,card reader,code keyboard,fingerprints reader,camera,
ID card recognition,QR code scanner and so on,provide demo test program.
◆ High integration. 4 USB ports,6 serial ports,8 channels IO ports, WIFI/RJ45/3G/4G etc various networking way.