A83B Digital Signage Advertising Machine Intelligent Equipment Android Motherboard

◆ High integration density: Integrating USB/LVDS/Ethernet/HDMI/WIFI
/Bluetooth in one and simplifying design of whole machine. SD card can be inserted.
◆ Built-in PCI-E 3G module. Supporting Huawei, ZTE and multiple PCI-E 3G/4G module, more suitable for remote maintenance of advertising all-in-one machine, saving labor cost.
◆ Ample extended interfaces. 6 USB ports (3 pins,3 standard USB ports),3 extensible serial ports and GPIO/ADC ports, satisfying requirement of variable peripherals in the market.
◆ High definition. Maximum supporting 1080P decoding and variable LCD screens with LVDS signal.
◆ Completed function. Supporting function of portrait and landscape mode playing, video multi-screen, scrolling caption, timing switch, USB data input and so on.
◆ Convenient management. Humanized playlist maker software, easy for advertising play management and control. Play log, easy for knowing the play.