R18X Quad-core Digital Signage Advertising Android Motherboard

Integrated multimedia decoding, LCD driver, Ethernet, HDMI, WIFI, Bluetooth, in support of most of the current popular video and picture format decoding, support HDMI video output, dual 8-bit LVDS driver, can drive a variety of TFT LCD Display, greatly simplifies the whole system design, very suitable for high-definition network player box, video advertising machine and frame advertising machine

  • 4-core 64-bit CPU equipped with Android 6.0 system, the current cost-effective quad-core board.
  • Support HDMI 4K dot screen, support 4K video decoding, bring true sense of ultra-high-definition visual enjoyment.
  • Support HDMI and LVDS dual-screen with the show, double-screen display, vertical and horizontal screen free to switch.
  • Support EMMC 5.0, experience the fastest storage speed.
  • Support Android system customization, provide system call interface API reference code, perfect support for customer application application APP development.
  • Support the remote, SD card / TF card, computer and other upgrades, SD card / TF card configuration screen parameters, plug that is bright, perfect support for the size, the resolution LVDS display.
  • Rich expansion interface. Five USB ports (three pins, two standard USB ports), three expandable TTL serial ports (optional 2-way 232 serial port, 1 TTL serial port), GPIO / ADC interface, to meet a variety of peripherals on the market The request